The Growth Marketing CanvasTM

Designed to help ambitious marketers and product owners define their 12-month actionable growth plan. 

Growth Marketing Canvas

Used by 2,000+ companies across the globe

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“Wonderful tool to structure your ideation process when it comes to designing your growth strategy.”

Noémie Benoit - CMO at Around Media

“Eazl thinks highly enough of MAD Kings’ Growth Marketing Canvas to offer it to all of the aspiring growth hackers in our community.”

Davis Jones - CEO at Eazl

Developing an ambitious growth strategy can get overwhelming as the number of ideas to test is infinite. It’s a situation that can cause stagnation and is part of the reason why most great products never take off. 

The power of the Growth Marketing Canvas comes from its customer centricity and the way in which it leverages the collective intelligence of your team to generate innovative and relevant ideas that all stakeholders agree on.

Growth Marketing Canvas
Growth Marketing Canvas

1. Run a process-driven brainstorming session

Get a clear view of the holes in your funnel. Stay focused and take a structured approach to finding a solution.

2. Align your team

Gather input from every key player in your company and work together towards the same goal.

3. Discover innovative ideas

Brainstorm, define and prioritise your growth ideas that will help you move the needles.


Jean-Christophe Cuvelier

Jean-Christophe has many years of experience in digital marketing. Having spent more than 10 years in a communications agency and 4 years in a startup specialised in social network technologies, he has become an authority in the field, backed by a successful track record. With his knowledge of technologies, he can automate marketing processes and scale marketing efforts to generate exponential growth. JC also takes a keen interest in business development, devoting some of his time to mentoring and supporting up-and-coming startups and entrepreneurs.

Thomas Paris

Thomas is a growth marketer who is passionate about Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of Pictawall, a visual marketing platform that boosts brand exposure through user-generated content on social media, leading to increased online conversions. Also co-founder of MAD Kings, a Brussels-based growth hacking agency, Thomas believes that the key to growth is diligent execution of a customer-centric, data-driven, agile methodology.